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Late summer 1992, I was living in South Florida and I was faced with the awful fact that Hurricane Andrew was on its way to our home area. I did not know much about these storms, but I knew that gathering supplies and readying my home was a necessity. We gathered canned goods and fortified the windows with coverings. We filled containers with water and prepared to ride the storm out. We escaped a serious threat when this storm continued its destruction south of us, but it left the mark of preparedness on my mind. 

Events like hurricanes aren't the only disasters that can occur in our life that require a food stock or a set of emergency equipment. Busy schedules, a bread winner out of work, or a medical crisis may find us relying on a full pantry. Preparedness in daily life means that the family's needs are taken care of in the way of food, water, fuel, and shelter. We rely on our skills in times of emergency to carry on until the situation is resolved. 

I joined Thrive to simplify my food storage needs and gather needed nutritious goods for my pantry. I rely on the items on a regular basis to add to my menu as best I can. The quality of these foods is amazing! It is fun to create a food store that one can access for times when the schedule gets busy. Keeping one's shelves stocked is a fabulous insurance. It means there will be a meal in hard times when the bills need to be paid and there isn't enough left for a trip to the grocery store. The goods you stock today maybe a full stomach tomorrow. It may also be a life saving decision in times of disaster. 

The first thing to leave the store shelves during Hurricane Andrew were bread, batteries, and water. Safely stored away, baking staples and a water supply will allow our family the privilege of riding out a crisis in comfort. 

I live this lifestyle and would be honored to help you develop your emergency plan. Please, feel free to ask my help. I am an expert in food storage, gardening, and emergency preparedness. I write about the subject often and I share this freely with the general public in order to help save lives. 

Hurricane Andrew August 1992 - Image Wikipedia Commons

Hurricane Andrew Storm Image - Wikipedia Commons


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